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Fandom Post Radio

Jan 6, 2018

Hunkered down from the cold and the cold stares, our intrepid podcasters riffle through the refuse of what was left of 2017. At the bottom of the ash pile of anime we burned for warmth is our top picks for the best anime of the year (and the best anime we didn’t get to watch in 2017.) Darius chimes in briefly with his picks, while Cain faxed us his absentee ballot from beyond the stars. After that DJ and Kestrel deep dive into some questionable and absolutely not questionable picks for their top anime of the year, while Kate listens with envy and daydreams of a warm summer afternoon to binge watch all that was missed over the year. We end by shaming Anime Strike into an early grave, killing it with our hearts and minds for the good of all humanity.